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April 26, 2011

Celebrate Earth Month, giggle style!

Single-handedly saving the planet is a tall order for any busy mom. But luckily what’s good for the earth is good for your baby, too—whether it’s protecting their future or making sure their home environment is pure and healthy. In celebration of Earth Month, here are some easy ways to go green without going overboard.

Bambino Mio Nappy Set
The Diaper Dilemma. Whether to use cloth diapers or disposable is a hotly debated topic: Disposable diapers pollute, while cloth diapers use a lot of water resources. But now there’s a compromise: cloth diaper covers with disposable inserts that work like a sanitary napkin, minimizing what gets thrown away every day. The most responsible versions even make biodegradable inserts.


Muu Crib


Buy Domestic. With fuel prices dramatically on the rise, more and more consumers are buying local in reaction to the increased cost of importing. Economics and politics aside, buying a crib that doesn’t have to be shipped around the globe helps preserve energy and is a great way to go green.


giggle Beter Basics Cleaning Products

Cleaning Supplies. Make sure your “sensitive” cleaning products are nontoxic, for your baby’s health, and biodegradable, for the planet’s health.




Wooden Toy Blocks

Recycling. Hand-me-downs are back! Join the new wave of eco-minded moms who realize that clothes that are outgrown in less than three months can be shared and shared again. I don’t recommend reusing any products with health or safety considerations, such as cribs, mattresses, bedding, or car seats. But there are still plenty of other ways to cut down on the amount of “stuff” going into the landfills. Toys, books, and “gear” items are great places to conserve. Borrow, reuse, and pass them on when you’re done! One great place to donate through is Baby Buggy, which I’m proud to serve on the board of!


Safer Paints. Look for paints that have low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This type of paint minimizes emissions, which not only ensures better breathing for your baby but is gentler to our ozone. Great news: Most major paint lines today offer a wide color palette in no- and low-VOC paints.




Life Factory Glass Bottles

Glass Baby Bottles. Not sure about BPA issues? Confused by all the conversations about plastics? Opt out of the debate (and meanwhile, lessen the demand for plastics) by going with glass bottles for milk and formula.





November 11, 2010


In past years, the big themes at the European and US juvenile shows were BPA-free and organic products. And while those certainly aren’t going away, this year the buzzword is “breathability.”
As a veteran of the sports apparel industry, I can vouch for the fact that breathable fabrics are highly sought after for comfort when it comes to both sports and everyday activities. And now the baby industry is getting in on the act, with an increased focus on breathable fabrics. Read more…