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December 10, 2009

Mariano Gil Extraordinaire

I attended the 22nd Annual Mount Sinai Ob/Gyn Fashion Show & Luncheon to benefit the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Services of The Mount Sinai Medical Center earlier this week.  In addition to enjoying a great lunch with people dedicated to their so-called mission of “making grandparents” (what a great mission!), I also had the fortune to become introduced to a great artist named Mariano Gil.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he graduated as a medical doctor, Mariano moved to Boston on a scholarship to study music.  Now a well-known children’s illustrator & artist & musician, Mariano lives in Brooklyn.  Doctor, artist, musician - & a fabulous “A-list” addition! Not to mention another example of my favorite loves of living in New York City…being surrounded by talent that never ceases to inspire.

To enjoy more of Mariano’s work, check out http://www.marianogil.net/index.html

November 17, 2009

High-Tech Balloon

Check out this super fun, lightweight MP3 “balloon speaker” – perfect for turning your iPod time into family time when you’re out for a jog or a stroll.  Ear phones are great when you’re alone, but why not share your tunes with your little one when you’re out together? I ran across this awesome portable speaker in the market late last Summer and have been so excited to launch it among our giggle “holiday picks” this year.  It’s on my holiday shopping list for sure!

(My brothers are so lucky…)

October 24, 2009


Taga_StrollerGreat bicycles are my kind of design – art that functions.  In recent years, many have argued that great strollers have been inspired by great bicycles.  An amazing company out of the Netherlands is arguing – “why not be both?”

Introducing Taga.  The winner of the 2009 Red Dot Award, their “be moved” tagline delivers on the promise.  Part bicycle, part uber-modern stroller (not to mention for an infant, a toddler, perhaps two – or even in a wagon vs. a bicycle seat?!), Taga is the definition of great design.

Check out this so-called “multifunctional urban vehicle uniquely designed to suit the needs of today’s parents and children”  ( www.taga.nl ).   The only part hard to love is the price – at least for now will keep this smart solution the lucky privilege of fewer urbanites than I hope we’ll see in months and years to come.

October 13, 2009

Purple Rain

So we all know that there are color trends. But the popularity of purple right now is going beyond “purple trend” and is more like “purple crazy.” Don’t get me wrong, I personally love the color purple. In fact, my favorite dress of all-time is a beautiful plum wrap dress I bought in Germany 5 years ago that I still put into rotation each winter. But this current purple craze has gone a bit overboard.

I just came back from a few weeks of shopping the market in the US and Europe and purple was everywhere, from strollers to bags to bedding to bibs. But what I couldn’t help but notice was the number of head-to-toe purple outfits grown women were wearing!

My favorite (and oh, how I wish I had snagged a photo – darn!) was the one I saw walking the streets of Milan, Italy, before catching a train to Genova. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m usually a huge fan of the fashion I see in France and Italy. Key pieces, great forms, and subtle accents. Classy, sophisticated, grown-up.

But here I was in Milan (and yes, I forgive every nation a fashion disaster) watching a woman in a literal head-to-toe purple ensemble. And here’s the best part: it was all different shades of purple. Silk lavender pumps, eggplant hosiery, a skinny purple skirt with matching shirt – all very form fitting (which thankfully was the part she could pull off) and a plum looking scarf. Yep, I mean it. Purple crazy.

A fabulous purple leather bag – absolutely. An amazing plum scarf – for sure. After all, they say purple is a color for every type. But whether it’s purple, plum, lavender, eggplant, lilac, violet, wine, amethyst or mauve, my pick is just to not make it head-to-toe. (And if you do, forgive me if I whip out my camera phone and snap a picture of you!)