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November 23, 2010

What’s In A Name? Baby Name Trends for 2011

One of a parents most powerful and nerve-wracking decisions is picking the right name for their child.  Should it be a family name, or is it better to choose something literary?  Or perhaps historical?  Our friends at Nameberry have compiled a list of The 14 Hottest Trends To Watch Now in baby names.  Here is a sample of what to look for in 2011 baby names:

Biggest Big Picture Trend: Two-for-one names

For baby names 2011, we predict the merging of two major recent trends: very proper proper names – think Louise and Arthur, Beatrix and Abraham – with lighter-than-air, even silly nicknames: Lulu, Bee, Bunny, and Bram.

From the parents’ perspective, they get two very different names for the price of one, which can be an advantage to children as they grow up too: You can be Lulu at the club, Louise on the Harvard app.

We see parents reaching further to come up with two names that are linked in highly creative and not-always-obvious ways.  A few examples of nicknames and their formal name origins: Cub from Caleb, Ace from Alistair, Fanny from Stephanie, and Plum from Victoria (which is a type of English plum). Read more…