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An A-List Interview: SunHee Grinnell from Vanity Fair | Ali's A-List | giggle Blogs
July 5, 2011

An A-List Interview: SunHee Grinnell

SunHee and her husband, Toland.

This week we go behind the scenes with SunHee Grinnell, the Beauty Editor of Vanity Fair magazine and a New York mom we love. I have to say, I adore what SunHee calls her greatest achievement: “Being a good (working) mom and wife without losing my sense of humor.”

As someone who also juggles a busy career and a family, I couldn’t agree with her more about the importance of being able to laugh. And I can’t help but wonder if laughter would also be one of her top tips for looking good, too!

Ali Wing: What’s your motto?

SunHee Grinnell: Things happen for a reason.

AW: What inspires you?

SG: My husband, Toland, and my son, Roman.

AW: What color are you loving right now?

SG: Right now, shades of blues and grays.

AW: What are you currently reading?

SG: Aside from all the beauty press releases that I have to read, I am re-reading A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean. It’s one of my all-time favorites. It takes me away and it’s very calming to read.

AW: What is your favorite city/location/destination?

SG: I couldn’t pick just one! I love: Brooklyn, New York; Paris, France; Elbow Beach, Bermuda; North Shore, Oahu; and Snowbird, Utah.

AW: Who is your favorite composer, or what is your favorite music genre?

SG: I love all music, from classical to classic rock — and everything in between. A few of my favorites are: Jean-Philipp Telemann, Maurice J. Ravel, Keith Jarrett, ACDC, Aerosmith, The Walker Brothers, Amy Winehouse, Shirley Bassey, Frank Sinatra, Barry White, John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters.

SunHee's son, Roman.

AW: What was your most favorite baby gift?

SG: A baby blanket and baby scarf from Hermes.

AW: What is your proudest parenting moment?

SG: I nipped Roman’s whining from day one when he started and I succeeded! Because of that, Roman never whined as a toddler. (Thank God!)

AW: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

SG: Picking up snowboarding at the age of 41! And being a good (working mom and wife without losing my sense of humor.

AW: Please complete the following: … makes me laugh.

SG: …unexpected remarks from my son, Roman.

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